Pride Q600


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Product Description

The Quantum® 600 and 600XL deliver the stability of Mid-Wheel 6® Design and maneuverability along with a powerful drivetrain for enhanced performance and torque.
The Quantum 600 and 600 XL accept a wide range of seating and electronics options making them fully rehab capable.
Available Model OptionsThese are the available options for this model. You will be able to include any of these items on your Pride product.

Tru Comfort Residual Limb Support-Left/Right Leg
Synergy Seating T Bar Footboard
Tru Balance2 Power Recline 70 Degree Swing-Away Leg Rests
Tru Balance2 Power Tilt and Recline 70 Degree Drop in, Angle and Depth Adjustable
Paediatric Tilt 70 Degree Euro Style Power Elevating Leg Rests
12″ Scissor Lift and Tilt 70 Degree Powered Elevating & Articulating Leg Rst
Heavy Duty Tilt Power Elevating and Articulating Footboard (AFP)
10″ Arm Pad Stumpboards Left/Right
14″ Arm Pad Rehab Headrests Small
10″ Waterfall Pad Rehab Headrests Large
14″ Waterfall Pad Stealth Headrest-Small
Flat Euro Style Pad Stealth Headrest-Large
Quick Height Adjustable Centre Mounted Stealth Swing-Away Lateral Supports (3″ x 5″ pad)
Synergy Cane Mounted Flip Up Arms Stealth Swing-Away Lateral Supports (4″ x 6″ pad)
Tool Height Adjustable Centre Mounted Extra Positioning Links for Stealth Laterals
Tru Balance Flip Up Arm Rests Tru Comfort Lateral Supports
Paediatric Quick Height Adjustable Centre Mounted Tru Balance Lateral Supports

Model SpecificationNote: All specifications subject to change without notice.

Weight Capacity: Standard Version: 21 Stone 6 lbs (136 Kg) Heavy Duty (XL) Version: 28 Stone 8 lbs (181 Kg) Braking System: Intelligent Braking – electronic, regenerative disc brakes
Maximum Speed: 4 mph (6.43 km/h) Electronics: PG Drives VR2 as standard PG Drives Pilot Plus (upgrade)
Ground Clearance: 1.375” (3.49 cm) Std Footrest: Footboard
Turning Radius: 20” (50.8 cm) Battery Charger: Off-board, 5 amp
Overall Length: 36.5” (92.71 cm) Battery Requirements: Two x 12 volt – 55 amp batteries
Overall Width: 23” (58.42 cm) Battery Weight: 38 lb (17 kg) (each)
Drive Wheels: 14″ (35.5 cm) Base Weight: 129 lbs. (58.5 kg)
Castor Wheels: Front: 5″ solid (Omni) Rear: 6″ solid (Omni) Seat Weight: Seat Weight will vary on this model by size and selected options.
Suspension: ATX Suspension (Active-Trac with extra stability) Seating Options: Synergy® Seat Adjustable Width: 14” -20” (35.5 cm – 51 cm) Adjustable Depth: 14” -20” (35.5 cm – 51 cm) TRU-Comfort Adjustable Width: 16”, 18”, 20” (41 cm, 46 cm or 51 cm) Adjustable Depth: 16”, 18”, 20” (41 cm, 46 cm or 51 cm)
Drive Train: Two motor – Mid Wheel 6


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